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Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode

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Sultan Muhammad Alp-Arsalan! He was born in the year 1029 in the house of his father. Muhammad Alp-Arsalan grew up with courage since birth. From time to time he became the best archer and the best fighter. It was Alp-Arsalan’s responsibility to think of the people fighting shoulder to shoulder with his father, which was a good thing for the Seljuk Sultanate. Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode


Tughrul Bay, the brother of Chari Beer, was on the Seljuk throne at the time, and the then Seljuk Sultan Tughrul Bay had no sons, so Tughrul Bay was worried about choosing an heir. From time to time Alp Arsalan’s bravery gave courage to the Sultan, meanwhile Char Bay was the ruler of Khorasan.

Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode

After the death of Baba Chari Beer in 1059, Muhammad Alp-Arsalan became the ruler of Khorasan. Download all episodes of Alp Arsalan Buuk Seljuk Sometime later, when the Seljuk Sultan Tughrul Bay died, Muhammad Alp-Arsalan got into trouble when he tried to ascend the throne.

The end result is the victory of Muhammad Alp-Arsalan. Muhammad Alp-Arsalan ascended the throne with his own fight. Rebellion has been on the rise since he ascended the throne.

Muhammad Alp-Arsalan first prepared to invade Georgia in order to suppress the rebellion and by attacking Georgia knelt down. As a next step in suppressing the rebellion, he prepared to conquer Armenia, and Muhammad Alp-Arsalan became embroiled in a fierce battle.

Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode

Inspired by the Sultan’s terrible war, the people of the city knelt down and the people of the city knelt before the Sultan, thus Sultan Muhammad Alp-Arsalan continued to suppress one revolt after another using his intelligence and political ingenuity. After the conquest, Sultan Muhammad Alp-Arsalan, the tenth king of Constantinople, died while planning to advance.

And his daughter Evdokia ascended the throne of his father, and Evdokia was married to the fourth Romanos, after which the emperor Romanus IV of the Byzantine Empire assumed charge of the throne.

Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode

When Muhammad Alp-Arsalan was ready to invade Syria, Romanos took the opportunity to fight against the Turks, and Romanos used his time to fight Muhammad Alp-Arsalan. There were three fierce battles.

The first two are led by the emperor himself, and the third by his best commander, Manuel Comnenus. But Sultan Muhammad Alp-Arsalan freed him through a peace treaty, Muhammad Alp-Arsalan’s victory in the emperor’s absence angered the emperor, and the emperor marched on Asia Minor with a large army of over two and a half million troops, and Muhammad Alp-Arsalan 50 Arriving in Asia Minor with thousands of troops, he engaged in a great war against the Byzantines. Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode

The name of this great battle was the Battle of Malazgirt, a huge contingent of mercenaries who betrayed the Byzantines to the Turks, leaving the two groups that had come to the aid of the Byzantines behind, the Byzantines disintegrated and defeated, and Muhammad Alp Arsalan won. , And in battle the Byzantine emperor Romanos IV Diojan was taken, prisoner.

When the emperor was brought before the Sultan in captivity, the Sultan asked him, “What would you do to me if you were in my place? Then the emperor replied that I would either kill you or make arrangements to show you around the city, then Sultan Muhammad Alp-Arsalan said: I will give you a greater punishment than this, and my severe punishment is that I forgive you. But according to some conditions, it will be, the notable conditions are: the emperor’s daughter marrying the sultan’s son, monthly taxes, the release of Muslim prisoners, etc., the conditions are released by the emperor. As a result of this historic war, the Turks were able to extend their rule in the first Asia Minor, and this historic war was considered the first step towards the conquest of Constantinople. Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode

After this battle, Muhammad Alp-Arsalan had to conquer a fort on his way to prepare for the occupation of Turkestan. In order to conquer the fort, a man named Yusuf al-Harezmi defended the fort for some time. He was sentenced to death and immediately threw a poisonous knife at Sultan Muhammad Alp-Arsalan’s stomach. Four days after the attack, he passed away on November 25, 1062, and was buried beside his father in Marve, with the inscription on his grave: Was a blind follower of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), so he took the name Muhammad himself!

Alp Arsalan Buyuk Seljuk All Episode


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