Kurulus Osman 133

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles

Seeing several scenes shown in the trailer, it is clear that the next episode i.e. volume 133 is going to be a painful episode for Kurulus Usman lovers, on the one hand Urhan Bey, who is searching for treasure, is seriously injured and on the other hand, Usman Bey may lose his conquered fortress due to Yakub Ber Fade or plan. ,

There is also a face-to-face fight between Alauddin Bey and Yakub Ber’s daughter Gonja Hatun, All in all today’s video will try to briefly discuss what is going to happen in Kurulus Usman Volume 133 Insha’Allah, so watch this short but important video till the end.

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles

First we will discuss the last scene shown in the second trailer, which has raised many questions among Kurulus lovers, the last scene shows Usman Bey returning to his conquered fort to find Yaqub Bey occupying the fort, and telling Usman Bey Welcome to the territory of the Germans, that is, Yaqub Bey Usman has captured the fort of Ber.

Yaqub Bey would first try to put Usman Bey in a difficult situation by assigning a market to Alp in Jerkuta, then he would try again to put Usman Bey in a more difficult situation by taking over a fort owned by Usman Ber, Yaqub Bey would act like a usurper to completely destroy Osman Ber’s reputation. , Yakub Bey who has settled in the border area and is thinking of expanding his territory from there,

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles

At this moment he needs a fortified fort because Yakub wants to make that fort his headquarters. And for this, Yakub Bey will show his power and take over the fortress of Usman Ber by deception, according to the information, this fortress will be the Marmarasic fortress, it is very clear from the picture that it is the Marmarasic fortress, this fortress was conquered by Aktemur Ber at the end of the last season. was,

And since Aktemur Bey is nowhere to be seen in Kurulus Osman Season 5, it is clear that this fort was under the charge of a general army, and probably Yaqub Bey will claim himself as Sultan and take over the fort from that army, so at this point They are endangering Osman Bey from all sides, very soon Osman Bey will take revenge on them and he will also face great danger to Yaqub Bey in near future.

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles

In another scene of the trailer, Osman Bey tells Urhan that not only us, many others will go to find the treasure, so be careful, you have to bring the treasure, according to Alauddin Ber map, Urhan Bey will find the treasure, but on the other hand, Yakub Ber’s son Mehmet Bey will find the treasure. Urhan Ber pursues, in the trailer we saw that Mehmet Ber was seriously injured by Urhan Bey’s arrow, but this injury will not be too serious,

And Urhan Bey will recover very soon, but there will be a lot of casualties between Usman Bey and Yaqub Ber with this treasure, because Yaqub Bey has already submitted a false decree to become Sultan,, so it is understood that there will be a good power struggle. On the other hand, Alauddin Bey may be caught by Gonja Hatun while keeping an eye on Yakub Ber, and their love may begin from here.

Another scene shows one of the dacoits fighting with Usman Ber, after this fight maybe they will be a little weak towards Usman Ber and then gradually fight for Usman Ber. So in the next episode Usman Bey is in danger from all four sides, a painful episode might be waiting, that’s it for today, see you very soon in a new video, thanks. more

Kurulus Osman Episode 133 English Subtitles





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