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KuruluĊŸ Osman is a popular series broadcast by the Turkish private TV channel ATV. The series airs every Wednesday night. It is the sequel to the Dirilis Artugurul series. The Dirilis Artugurul series ended with a total of 5 seasons of 150 episodes.

The series was broadcast by Turkey’s official TV channel TRT1. After the completion of this series of 150 episodes, the announcement of the Kurulus Osman series came. In 2019, Kurulus Osman appeared on the TV screen under the production of Mehmed Bozdag Sir.

This popular series is subtitled and dubbed in different languages. Already, a total of 98 episodes have been completed in the 3 seasons of this series. In 2022, the 4th episode of this series is coming on the TV screen. Kurulus Osman Urdu Subtitles

You know ‘Jara Play’ Kurulus Osman has been promoting Urdu subtitles. The series airs every Wednesday night in Turkey. The Urdu subtitles of this series will be available on Thursday morning at 8 am.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Urdu Subtitle

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