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Review Kurulus Osman 134 with English Subtitles

Assalamu Alaikum, hope everyone is well, welcome to another new episode. After 2 long weeks, Kurulus Osman Volume 133 aired, in one word it was an amazing and unique episode, there was tension throughout the episode, Osman Ber Hunkar was against all the traps and plans of Yaqub Ber along with Shakra in Volume 133.

Along with that there were events like Alauddin Ber intelligence and Orhan Ber getting injured, Osman Ber’s temporary defeat in front of Yakub Ber in the last moment of the episode Kurulus lovers are suffering more than Kurulus Osman Volume 134 trailer, this trailer season 5 Its most tragic trailer will be,

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 134 with English Subtitles

On the one hand defeated Osman Bey, on the other hand the arrival of a new formidable force in disguise, Osman Bey killing his most important and closest soldier Boran Alp in his palace, on the other hand the sudden arrival of the Mangal Bahini, the interesting trailer makes it clear that volume 134 is going to be a sad episode. What’s going to happen in volume 134, will everyone’s favorite Boran Alp die? Osman Bey will accept Yaqub Bey as Sultan? Is Mars really coming? Who is the new Shakra in disguise? All questions will be answered in today’s video, so watch this short but important video till the end.

At the beginning of today’s video, let’s focus on Boran Alp, in the trailer of the new episode, we see that one of Osman Ber’s closest warriors, Boran Alp, is fatally wounded in his fort, the situation looks like he may be martyred, why is he being killed? Who did this attack? What are the plans? Let’s discuss in detail,

We saw the Byzantine commander Vasilis working as a spy in the fortress of Osman Ber, in the last episode this Byzantine commander planned to kill Osman Bey but changed his decision again, because he knows that killing Osman Bey will not solve all problems, because if he kills Osman Bey, his son Orhan will take his responsibility and move on.

Kurulus Osman S5 Episode 134 with English Subtitles

Because of this, the Byzantines want to plan so that Osman Bey along with his family and people will be completely destroyed, reliable information says that the attack on Boran Alp is planned by the Byzantine commander spy Vasilis, in the trailer we see a new character, the information says that in the last episode Commander Vasilis was saying that his master would soon arrive, the new character was supposed to be the Byzantine Tekfur,

But he would act perfectly as a spy among Osman Ber and cause terrible damage. According to reliable information, the Byzantines would arrange this plan, they would want to kill his closest Boran Alp in his own fortress to demoralize Osman Ber, some days in advance. A tip was doing the rounds on social media that Boran Alp would be dropped from the series

The attack on Boran Alp in the trailer is very serious, it looks like Boran Alp might be a martyr, because every season shows the death of a big Alp, we might lose Boran Alp in this 5th season. But some information says Boran Alp will be seriously injured, but not martyred The matter will be more clear in the next episode, but volume 134 is going to be a tragic episode.

Kurulus Osman S5 Episode 134 with English Subtitles

I will discuss now, will Osman Bey accept Yaqub Bey as Sultan? At the end of the last episode, Yaqub Bey once again ruined the honor of Osman Ber by thwarting all of Osman Ber’s plans, and claiming himself as the Sultan by listening to Sultan Masud’s sealed decree and asking Osman Bey to accept Bayat.

As always, Osman Bey will remain firm in his decision, he will not accept Yaqub Bey as Sultan, because he knows that this order sealed with the Sultan’s seal is fake, and the real treasure is with Osman Bey. Another thing that is clear in the trailer is that Usman Bey says that he also has plans,

This means that Usman Ber has made a big plan against Yakub Ber, according to reliable information, Usman Ber’s plan will be with Jerkutay Alp, Osman Bey can use Jerkutay Alp to discipline Yakub Bey, Usman Ber may have joined Jerkutay Alp with Yakub Ber in the plan. In the upcoming episodes, we will see Usman’s plans

Now I will discuss, the Martian army shown in the trailer has really arrived again? As we saw in the trailer, Mehmed Bey was attacked by the Martian army on his way to bring the treasure. And in this attack, Mehmed Bey was seriously injured, but now the question is why did Mars suddenly come? Why did they attack?

According to reliable information, the Mangal forces shown in the trailer are not the real Mangal forces, but Osman Ber’s son Orhan Bey will attack in such Mangal clothes to recover the treasure, In the trailer, Orhan Bey is seen saying that he is bringing the treasure but Mehmed Bey is injured, meaning he is such Mangal. Conduct this attack while disguised And according to history, there is no possibility of any Mars army coming at this time, at this moment, the main force behind Usman will be the Byzantine army. That’s it for today, see you soon for a new video, thanks. more

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